Real Shift Happens Podcast Ft. Kitty, founder of Secret Stash Yoga

In celebration of the 4/20 month and 'Cannabis holiday' recognized by ganja lovers around the globe,  Join Kitty, founder of Secret Stash Yoga on the "Real Shift Happens Podcast" hosted by Shawn Crystal Parker as they talk about cannabis, yoga, stigmas, and Kitty's journey to bringing ganja yoga back to her community as a certified ganja yoga instructor. 
Shawn, the host of the "Real Shift happens Podcast" believes in the life changing power of yoga and meditation and on her show you can find various episodes where she interviews guest who are experts in their field and are wanting to share their insight and passion with the world!Shawn begins each episode with a mindfulness meditation where listeners release and refocus for the conversation. 

Follow the Links to listen to Kitty share her story on Episode 25 of the "Real Shift Happens Podcast"    


Voyage Denver Magazine featuring: Founder of Secret Stash Yoga

Recently Kitty, founder of Secret Stash Yoga had the opportunity to contribute to the Voyage Denver Magazineconversation of "Trailblazers; Rewriting the narrative" here in Colorado Springs.

This conversation is about what lead Kitty to become a ganja yoga certified instructor and pursue Secret Stash Yoga. Including some of the things she encountered along the way and how it has brought her to where she is now in her business. 

Some of the questions discussed: 

Briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.Has it been a smooth road?Tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.

Follow the links below to view the FULL original interview on the Voyage Denver Magazine website. 
I invite you to give it a read and hopefully it motivates you to continue to do what calls to your heart!


If you or your business is i…

Humanitou ArtPop Converstaion featuring: Kitty Harris

Humanitou hosted a pop-up event during Arts Month as part of ArtPOP, a local-arts series supported by the Pikes Peak Arts Council and the Cultural Office of the Pikes Peak Region. Participants shared stories and were photographed during 30-minute sessions. This conversation is one of seven in the Humanitou Artpop Series. This one features Secret Stash Yoga Founder; Katherine "Kitty" Harris

You are invited to follow the links below and read the full conversation where Adam of Humanitou Blog held space for Kitty to share how she experienced struggle in her life and how those struggles helped direct her to where she is at now.  In this vulnerable conversation she shares how she came to find what sets her soul on fire.  Please head over to Humanitou's website to view the original conversation as well as the other amazing guest who shared their stories as apart of this ArtPop series during Arts month. 



127 Fit Podcast featuring Secret Stash Yoga Founder; Kitty Harris

127 Fit Podcast  features Kitty's cannabis infused journey!          In the past week Kitty, the founder of Secret Stash Yoga had the amazing opportunity to be a guest speaker on 127 Fit Podcast. This was a chance to share more about who she is and how her journey has been cannabis infused. Quinton and Kitty have an insightful conversation covering a variety of topics including: Fear, self-doubt, cannabis, inner balance, resistance, allowing it to happen, gratitude, and of course, MUCH more!

You have the chance to listen to the whole conversation on the 127 Fit Podcast hosted on Podbean, iTunes or Youtube and other listening platforms!
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Listen to full Podcast on YOUTUBE  CLICK HERE

Be sure to check out The 127 Fit podcast and all of the other amazing guest speakers Quinton has interviewed and had on his podcast. So many inspirational  s…

What is Cannabis Infused Yoga?

As the culture creates, changes and adapts from year to year, it is up to us as consumers, creators and students of life to navigate the various options we have to do so. These tools can be utilized to create a balance in a rather hectic and constantly moving society. Although most of these tools have been around for many years and through out generations, many individuals are just now gaining confidence to explore these culturally different resources to better balance unwanted health situations or emotions that arise from everyday living that can cause a type of tension we all experience and carry around. One of the many life instruments that aid in the relief of the day to day hustle, that has been on the rise, is supplementing cannabis in to physical activities such as yoga.

             Now this may just seem like a fad or another common trend that the world seems to be following, but the fact is that many people have reported experiencing relief and solace with in thei…

Mindful Mornings Co. Springs Forum featuring; Katherine 'Kitty' Harris

Mindful Mornings is a monthly one-hour forum where mission-driven do-gooders convene, collaborate, and learn. This meetup is meant to break down silos by creating a community of people willing and able to help one another achieve their goals in support of the bigger mission.

Mindful Mornings Colorado Springs
one year celebration talk was themed around Vulnerability. A personal story featuring Secret Stash Yoga's founder; Katherine 'Kitty'Harris.

Kitty had the amazing opportunity to share more about her passion of art, yoga and cannabis with the community of Colorado Springs at the SCP Hotel. Standing in front of this crowd for the one year celebration of Mindful Morning Forums, she shared pieces of her personal story and how she exhibited certain moments of vulnerability along the way, that where met with mixed emotions but ultimately assisted her navigating to where she is now and thus, how Secret Stash Yoga has came to be! 

By following her passion she has been able to sh…

The Boston Globe featuring; Secret Stash Yoga

The Boston Globe Journalist takes a Secret Stash Yoga Class!

Check out the conversation that Secret Stash Yoga was included in regarding social cannabis consumption lounges that host businesses like cannabis enhanced yoga, plus the impact these cannabis friendly lounges are making on the community of Colorado and how other states are looking to this example as they navigate through their own cannabis state laws and policies arising with

Here is a sneak peak of the article The Boston Globe journalist Naomi Martin included from her visit to Colorado, follow the photo linked below to read the full article!

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — "Secret Stash ganja yoga starts at 9 a.m. in a loft in this city’s downtown, tucked between snow-peaked mountains and military bases.

“We got bongs, pipes, papers, dab rigs, whatever you want,” founder Katherine “Kitty” Harris said one recent morning, as skunky pot smoke and instrumental spa music filled the room. With class in session, regula…