Cure by Design CBD featuring; Secret Stash Yoga

Cure By Design CBD : Benefits of combing yoga + CBD 
Featuring guest expert ; Kitty H, founder of Secret Stash Yoga

It was a pleasant surprise to be asked by Cure by Design CBD company to join two other talent cannabis activist and yoga instructors in sharing our opinion on the benefits of combing cbd into a yoga practice.

Joined by :
Jennifer Dixon – Director of Thrive Yoga
Darrin Zeer – Author of 'Yoga High'

We were asked three questions: 
  1. What are the benefits of using CBD with yoga? 
  2. When Should You Take CBD – Before, During, or After Yoga?
  3. Are There CBD + Yoga Best Practices to Follow Get the Most out of Your Experience?
Curious to know how we answered? Follow the linked photo below and head on over to the original blog post brought to you by Cure by Design CBD  to see some of the insightful responses from myself and the other instructors! 

CLICK THIS PHOTO to be taken to original blog post for answers! 
Or visit the blog section on

If you have any other questions, comments, or suggestions regarding CBD and yoga send us a message!
Founder of Secret Stash Yoga 
Reminder: This blog is in no way, shape or form a substitution for medical advice of any kind! Please consult with your medical provider before choosing to supplement anything into your body!  


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