What is Cannabis Infused Yoga?

Photo: Secret Stash Yoga class, instructor: Jett at StudioA64

          As the culture creates, changes and adapts from year to year, it is up to us as consumers, creators and students of life to navigate the various options we have to do so. These tools can be utilized to create a balance in a rather hectic and constantly moving society. Although most of these tools have been around for many years and through out generations, many individuals are just now gaining confidence to explore these culturally different resources to better balance unwanted health situations or emotions that arise from everyday living that can cause a type of tension we all experience and carry around. One of the many life instruments that aid in the relief of the day to day hustle, that has been on the rise, is supplementing cannabis in to physical activities such as yoga.

             Now this may just seem like a fad or another common trend that the world seems to be following, but the fact is that many people have reported experiencing relief and solace with in their body and mind when implementing cannabis OR yoga into their lives. Now imagine combining both of these worldly aides together, each made of different aspects that will have you uncovering features of your self and the world that you may not have known existed.

Cannabis infused activities and events are becoming more commonly available to the public, depending on the state you reside in and the laws regarding the plant. No doubt cannabis has continued to be on the upswing around the U.S. and the world as the years progress. The list of countries and states that are opening their doors to legalizing cannabis and its use are accumulating. In October 2018 Canada joined that list and just a month ago in September 2019 Sydney: Australia legalized the recreational possession and cultivation of marijuana and now is apart of that growing list of green optional communities. Thus, as a result more cannabis infused options, businesses, venues, events, activities and citizens are looking to explore and educate them selves on the benefits that they so highly hear about.

         When hearing the word cannabis there is usually a link to some small insight we may know regarding the plant. Hearing the word yoga, I believe there is  also the same connection to some section of perception we know regarding the yogic practice. Sometimes when hearing the term yoga many relate this statement to flexibility and to include the physical particular of stretching, which could add to your wellness. But yoga is a very multi faceted lifestyle, meaning there are many yogic options and paths that include various techniques and tools to assist in reaching a sense of peace and balance with in your body, mind and soul. Honestly, I can say the same thing about cannabis as well! There are numerous portions about this herb that can produce similar affects.

Yoga meaning "union" in sanskrit, is occasionally paired with the physical poses that have been widely publicized, but yoga is much more then the 'asana' and it is apart of a spiritual practice. Yoga has been around for a plethora of time and cultures have continued to deploy the assorted methods into their life for health and wellness reasons. More and more individuals are tapping into their spiritual system and are choosing to combine other ingredients into their life journey to better assist them in living life fully.

Photo: The Orgininal Hemp Cafe (CO)
These ingredients of being hydrated, getting enough sleep, maybe following a particular food regimen that interest you, to cutting back on plastic use or even screen time, all contribute to the delectable life cake we are baking for our selves and to share with the world. But it goes with out saying that sometimes certain humans bake their cake with cannabis butter, coated with THC infused frosting and maybe even topped with CBD sprinkles. Needless to say, regardless of the ingredient you choose, as long as there is love and intention behind it who knows what positive things may come of it.

Cannabis infused yoga options are being offered by various certified yoga instructors and venues around the globe who share in the solidarity and the belief in the benefits of this particular plant medicine. Along with the physical welfare that said to be experienced, students also revel in being able to connect to the community. Joined by like minded others you have the chance to socialize, ask questions and explore other avenues that students have decided to implement into their own yoga practice and life. This growing industry is continuing to change the stigma behind cannabis and encourages those to hold space for others who are new to both ganja and yoga, that are looking to use it in a more intentional manner.

Let me share with you some of the cannabis enhanced yoga options from around the globe, that are making an impact in their community! Follow the links to visit their sites!

The list above is only to name a few! I encourage you to search for other cannabis infused yoga options in your area or online if your state does not have any options.  

In conclusion, just like anything in life, it is up to us as consumers, creators and students to try on the assorted shoes of life and see which one fits best. We are the only ones that know how both yoga and cannabis affect us personally and must be mindful as we explore and cultivate these connections. Trust in your collective! There are others out there that are insightful and curious just like you! 

Written by: 
Kitty - 
Founder, Secret Stash Yoga 


This blog is in no way shape or form a substitute for medical advice. Please contact your medical provider for any questions regarding what you should and shouldn't supplement into your health. 


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