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Mindful Mornings Co. Springs Forum featuring; Katherine 'Kitty' Harris

Mindful Mornings is a monthly one-hour forum where mission-driven do-gooders convene, collaborate, and learn. This meetup is meant to break down silos by creating a community of people willing and able to help one another achieve their goals in support of the bigger mission. Mindful Mornings Colorado Springs one year celebration talk was themed around Vulnerability . A personal story featuring Secret Stash Yoga's founder; Katherine ' Kitty' Harris. Kitty had the amazing opportunity to share more about her passion of art, yoga and cannabis with the community of Colorado Springs at the SCP Hotel . Standing in front of this crowd for the one year celebration of Mindful Morning Forums, she shared pieces of her personal story and how she exhibited certain moments of vulnerability along the way, that where met with mixed emotions but ultimately assisted her navigating to where she is now and thus, how Secret Stash Yoga has came to be!  By following her passion sh