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What is Cannabis Infused Yoga?

Photo: Secret Stash Yoga class, instructor: Jett at StudioA64           As the culture creates, changes and adapts from year to year, it is up to us as consumers, creators and students of life to navigate the various options we have to do so. These tools can be utilized to create a balance in a rather hectic and constantly moving society. Although most of these tools have been around for many years and through out generations, many individuals are just now gaining confidence to explore these culturally different resources to better balance unwanted health situations or emotions that arise from everyday living that can cause a type of tension we all experience and carry around. One of the many life instruments that aid in the relief of the day to day hustle, that has been on the rise, is supplementing cannabis in to physical activities such as yoga.              Now this may just seem like a fad or another common trend that the world seems to be following, but the fact is that m