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127 Fit Podcast featuring Secret Stash Yoga Founder; Kitty Harris

127 Fit Podcast  features Kitty's cannabis infused journey!            In the past week Kitty, the founder of Secret Stash Yoga had the amazing opportunity to be a guest speaker on 127 Fit Podcast . This was a chance to share more about who she is and how her journey has been cannabis infused. Quinton and Kitty have an insightful conversation covering a variety of topics including: Fear, self-doubt, cannabis, inner balance, resistance, allowing it to happen, gratitude, and of course, MUCH more! You have the chance to listen to the whole conversation on the 127 Fit Podcast hosted on Podbean, iTunes or Youtube and other listening platforms! So CLICK the pictured links below and be sure to listen, like and share the whole conversation! #Besomeonetofollow Listen to FULL PODCAST  CLICK HERE   Listen to full Podcast on YOUTUBE  CLICK HERE Be sure to check out The 127 Fit podcast and all