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The Boston Globe featuring; Secret Stash Yoga

The Boston Globe Journalist takes a Secret Stash Yoga Class! Check out the conversation that Secret Stash Yoga was included in regarding social cannabis consumption lounges that host businesses like cannabis enhanced yoga, plus the impact these cannabis friendly lounges are making on the community of Colorado and how other states are looking to this example as they navigate through their own cannabis state laws and policies arising with legalization. Here is a sneak peak of the article  The Boston Globe  journalist  Naomi Martin  included from her visit to Colorado, follow the photo linked below to read the full article! Photo: The Boston Globe News Paper COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo . — " Secret Stash ganja yoga starts at 9 a.m. in a loft in this city’s downtown, tucked between snow-peaked mountains and military bases. “We got bongs, pipes, papers, dab rigs, whatever you want,” founder Katherine “Kitty” Harris said one recent morning, as skunky pot smoke and instr