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TheWeedTube Creator sPOTlight: Kitty of Secret Stash Yoga

  Click image to view TWT Featured Blog Story With extensive experience in both cannabis advocacy and yoga instruction, Katherine “Kitty” Harris teaches classes and holds workshops in her local area in Colorado. As one of the few certified Ganja Yoga instructors, Kitty helps others “explore and enjoy [their] connection to the body” through cannabis infused yoga flows and practices. In college, Kitty was first introduced to yoga and became a passionate marijuana advocate working to challenge negative cannabis stigmas. On her channel,  SecretStashGanjaYoga , Kitty uploads yoga flow videos as well as both gentle and energizing guided meditations.   In this Creator sPOTlight , RJ Cunning speaks to Kitty about the shift to virtual events following the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, how she is channeling her work to support Black Lives Matter, her history with ganja and yoga, and how meditation, yoga, and marijuana can help you “[find] that balance and connection to all things in y