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Real Shift Happens Podcast Ft. Kitty, founder of Secret Stash Yoga

In celebration of the 4/20 month and 'Cannabis holiday' recognized by ganja lovers around the globe,  Join Kitty, founder of Secret Stash Yoga  on the "Real Shift Happens Podcast" hosted by Shawn Crystal Parker as they talk about cannabis, yoga, stigmas, and Kitty's journey to bringing ganja yoga back to her community as a certified ganja yoga instructor.  Shawn, the host of the "Real Shift happens Podcast " believes in the life changing power of yoga and meditation and on her show you can find various episodes where she interviews guest who are experts in their field and are wanting to share their insight and passion with the world!Shawn begins each episode with a mindfulness meditation where listeners release and refocus for the conversation.  Follow the Links to listen to Kitty share her story on Episode 25 of the " Real Shift Happens Podcast "         CLICK HERE FOR LISTENING PLATFORM OPTIONS CLICK HERE